Indian wardrobe essentials- Find out 6 things which will complete your Desi wardrobe

When it comes to wardrobe essentials everyone talks about how a plain white button down or basic tees are important. I have spoken about it too. Here is my post on wardrobe essentials breaking down the basics you will need. But ever wondered what would complete a Desi wardrobe & what are the pieces of clothing & accesories which you will find helpful to have in the long run? What really are the basic desi wardrobe essentials? Let us know all about it in our today's segment in 'THE DAILY DESI WARDROBE' weekly series.

We all for sure have the heavy lahengas, anarkalis. churidars & all the " in - trend " wear to wear to parties & events but what about those basics which will be useful in more ways than one and help you complete & create any look? In our today's post I am going to give you few basic pieces you should own to complete your Desi wardrobe.

1. A plain kurta: 

A plain/ slightly embellished kurta much like a plain white shirt must be a staple in any Indian wardrobe. You can choose any color but neutrals will be more helpful. That's because you can mix & match them with anything from a colored salwar or a denim or palazzos. Or get one in your favorite color and make it interesting by paring it up with different items. Look how Bollywood wears this style.

Aditi Rao wearing Palazzos with Kurta.

These pictures will also explain about what we are going to discuss next..

2. Colored pants  or dupattas:

Now that you have a plain kurta ready, it's time to stock up on your printed salwars, churidars & dupattas. Floral prints are in right now and will go with most styles and colors. You can also get your favorite prints from the fabric store & get them stitched for good fit. This will be cheaper and you can make it whatever style you want. Refer to the pictures above for some inspiration.

Buy here. Myntra

Buy here. Etsy

3. One for all blouse: 

Sarees are of course a main part of any Indian wardrobe. There are so many varieties of sarees in the market. But for any saree to look good you need a fashionable & elegant blouse. So design a blouse for yourself which can go with most of the sarees in your wardrobe. This will save you some money & also if your blouse is not ready for any event on time you can whip this one out.  A multi-colored one with gold or silver detailings would work great for most sarees. You can even go with a simple complete gold or silver blouse depending on your taste & personality.

This gold blouse Madhuri is wearing can very well be paired with any plain saree with or without gold detailing.

The blouse that Sonakshi is wearing here can be paired with white, black, green or blue saree along with the color she is wearing here.

Find this blouse and more styles at Sushma Reddy Couture

Next, moving on to footwear.

4. Joothi/Jutti/Indian shoe:

Who wants to limit to just one pair of shoes when there is an endless sea of selection here.. right?
I am sure most of us (women) wouldn't stop at owning just 1 pair of shoes in our closet. But if you want to add something to your existing collection which will never go out of style and be most indian outfits best friend, then try a pair of Joothi. Joothi is nothing but shoes with beautiful Indian embroidery and vibrant colors on it. They will look perfect with anything from sarees to lahengas to salwars. If you want a little bit of a heel then they come with that option too. Go, have fun & explore..

Buy here. Myntra

Buy here. Myntra

And now let's talk jewelry. Like shoes we have an array of choices in this department too. In fact every state has an authentic form of jewelry piece which most people own. But here is something which is basic yet very useful and stylish to own.

5. Jhumkas: 

Very popular piece of jewelry not only in our wardrobes but also in Bollywood songs. How many songs are on the top of your head which talk about jhumkas? I can think of at least 5 right now! So how can these not be a wardrobe essential? Jhumkas are a very subtle style statement & can instantly change up the look of any outfit. They will never go out of style. Although they are very Indian they can also be paired with western wear.

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And well finally, let's get into handbags.

6. A pretty little clutch:

Have you ever struggled to figure out what bag to carry with an Indian outfit? Wearing your regular bag will not always go with Indian clothes & sometimes ruin your whole look. What you can do to not let that happen is to carry an elegant clutch. A perfect clutch will tie the whole look together without taking away the desi vibe of the outfit.

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So, those according to me these are few of the basics in any Indian wardrobe which will help you achieve any look to perfection. Is there anything you would like to add? Let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed reading this post & please share this if you think these tips will help anyone you know. The social media links will be at the end of this post :)

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