Hi! First of all thank you for taking the time out to get to know me!  I'm Sushma Reddy :) & Welcome to my blog Sushma Reddy Couture.

Art by my BFF, Shivani Naidu
Lets get to know each other..

I am born Indian living in America. Happily married. I am a lover of Fashion & Make-up. I have been experimenting with different styles and finally feel like I have found my own. I also own a Fashion line by the name Sushma Reddy Couture and hence the blog name Sushma Reddy Couture.

You can think of me as a regular girly girl with love for Fashion and beauty. I personally love fashion and beauty blogs. With all the inspiration and courage I gathered from family and friends I have finally decided to establish my own little blog and I would love to share my work and discuss what I know and learn with everyone through this blog!

On this blog I hope to share my take on the world of fashion, beauty and other things I love. Everything I express here is my opinion unless stated otherwise. So heres a big warm welcome to you all and I hope you enjoy reading this little blog of mine as much as I will enjoy writing it.

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