What to wear to your sister's wedding/reception?

Beautiful & bright, with the perfect outfit and make up walks in the gorgeous bride. But before this moment the bride goes through a ride figuring out the perfect outfit, matching jewelry, shoes & running to beauty & spa treatments before her wedding. Following her & going through equal amount of stress to look picture perfect in the wedding is the next important person, the bride's sister. Are you one? Then I have something for you!!!

As the bride's sister you are the next important person after the bride and for sure are going to be getting a lot of attention. Not just that, it's your sister who is getting married, so you want everything to be perfect including yourself! You are going to be running around greeting people, helping with the last moment preparations, taking part in the wedding rituals & most importantly, posing for pictures! So, it is important that you look pristine without outdoing the bride.

In this post I have covered the 3 major parts you need to get it right for the special occasion.
Keeping in mind that you have to be the 'second best' at the wedding, lets jump righ in...

1. The outfit: Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect outfit

Style & Fit:

Make sure to know what style of outfit you want to wear. Anarkali, lahenga or saree ? If you are planning to buy a ready made outfit, try it more than once & make sure everything fits perfect & is comfortable enough for you to move around.

If you are planning to get one made for you (which I think is better) be sure to get it ready at least two weeks before the wedding, if not more. That way you will have enough time to make any changes you want. Because no matter how good your designer or tailor is, there will always be those last minute changes & additions to the outfit. You will be running around a lot for sure, so along with looking gorgeous you wanna be comfortable too.


Make sure you don't chose the same color outfit as your sister. Also, don't choose the color red. Whether the bride wears red or not, it is the color for the bride's joda. So, you don't wanna be running around looking like the bride. You don't wanna out do the bride, you want to complement her look. So choose a color bright enough to look special & choose an outfit comfortable enough to move around. Right now in trend are the 'lehengas'. Bollywood has immense inspirations, so take the advantage. Try this strong blue color which seems to be pretty popular this season.

Sonam Kapoor in Anita Dongre's creation in the first look of her upcoming film, 'Dolly Ki Doli'

                                             Kareena Kapoor & Dia Mirza go blue too

Or here is one from my own line Sushma Reddy Couture. Want to order one? Email me at sushmareddystudio@gmail.com  or message me on Facebook. Let me know you came from my blog & get a 10% discount :)
Pure Chiffon, Zari & cutwork Lehenga

Jewelry & make-up:

After you finish choosing an awesome outfit, it's now time for the next exciting part! I know we Indians love Jewelry & we obviously have quite a collection at home. But, here are some tips to help you put them together. If your outfit is already heavy, glittering & gorgeous, go minimal with your jewelry & make-up. That way you can balance your look without looking like this....

Just kidding!! Just remember ' having too many focal points in your outfit/look will make your look loud & confusing'. Don't worry, it is very easy to balance & again bollywood comes to our rescue.

This is what I am talking about. Look how Deepika is wearing this beautiful embroidered saree & kept the rest of her look minimal & balanced everything so elegantly? Notice how she didn't wear any jewelry apart from her earrings? If you wanna look a little more special then you can add in some bangles.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor at a wedding, with the bride. Look, how she looks special enough for the wedding while not taking away the shine from the bride!

How to balance?
If you wear a heavy necklace & maang tikka, go with small earrings & just simple kadas.
If you want to wear big & heavy earrings & maang tikka, keep the other two simple.

It's just an example but you get the point right? Although this is not a hard & fast rule, following this will definitely be helpful.

Now, moving on to make-up, here is a simple & elegant make-up tutorial by Sona Gasparian. This look is minimal & very graceful.

Show your make-up artist what you want & make sure to try the look you want a few days before the event with the outfit on just to be sure.


Again comfort is essential here along with style. There are endless possibilities in this area & a huge variety to choose from.

 Go completely western


Bodhi vision Photography

The best stores to find some great wedding footwear in India are Inc5 & Mochi. The best places to find great deals on these brands are in Shoppers stop outlet stores. Also Steve Madden has some bright, blingy & stylish models to offer too. I am sure there are many other brands which sell awesome shoes too, but the ones I wrote about have a great variety to choose from according to my personal experience.

Apart from all of this, one thing you need to make sure to do at the wedding whether it's your sister's or best friend's is..... have a ball & spread love!!!! Because sisters, at the end of the day all that matters is how happy & joyful the event was for everyone. I hope these tips cut down on any stress & add more fun in your celebrations :)

Next Friday, I have a part two of this post with some tips on beauty, hair & make-up!

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