At home beauty,skin, body prep before any special event/DIY body & face masks

Hey gorgeous! Got a big day coming up? Wedding event, Prom, graduation, family party? Well whatever the occasion is, in our today's 'The Daily Desi Wardrobe' series, I am going to give you some tips on you how to prep and prep good for that event you are looking forward to.

Any special event in our lives we will want to look our best. And to look best there are of course tons of products & treatments in the market which work great. But in this post I want to give you some cool tips on prepping for any event right at home! All of these don't require any extra time and you can easily incorporate them into your daily routines. Read on..

If you have been following my blog for sometime then am sure you would know that I am very fond of natural face masks. A good friend of mine told me that almost all fruits do wonders for skin when applied on. And she is right. Along with fruits there are a lot of things available naturally which give your skin what it needs!

Start with this basic pack for some skin therapy!

Mask 1

                                      As you see all you need is a Banana & some honey.


Mash up a few pieces of banana & mix it well with honey. Apply a thin layer on the face and neck avoiding the eyes. Leave it on for about 15-20 mins. Wash it off with lukewarm water & pat dry!


This pack will moisturize and soothe your skin.

Mask 2

Turmeric+ Gram flour (besan) + Warm milk or yogurt or rosewater

1tablespoon of besan (you can find this in any Indian grocery store)
1 teaspoon of turmeric
enough milk/yogurt/rosewater to mix the ingredients up.


Mix them all together to make a smooth paste & apply a thin layer on. Wait for it to dry and rinse off.


If you are an Indian then I am sure you have the same or similar type of mask, your mom or grand mom or someone in your family swears by. Turmeric has a lot of healing properties. It is capable of healing burnt or chapped skin & this mask also helps in clearing acne. You can also use this as a body mask to remove sun tan and even out skin tone. Just substitute milk or yogurt with lemon juice.

If you want some more natural DIY face, body & hair mask ideas, check out my previous posts.

Just a quick reminder guys. Although natural, not all products are suitable for everyone. You may be allergic to some. So, if you are trying any products mentioned above for the first time then please test on a patch of your skin. If you are not sure please avoid it.

Well, I know there is no such thing as instant weight loss, but you can look a little thin by losing some water weight. Do you sometimes just feel bloated? Sometimes a dress fits us just right but the next day you could have problems in zipping it up. Well, of course the dress did not shrink (although I would like to believe that ;p). Yes, for those days here are a quick tips to try.

At least 3-days before your event follow these tips.

1. Drink Green tea. 1 cup a day should be good.

2. This is my favorite (I do it around the time of the month). Boil some water & add in some ginger and mint till the mint and ginger ooze out all the oils. Pour it into your mug and enjoy it. The perfect time to have this is before you hit the bed in the night!

3. Start your day with larger glass of warm water with lemon.

4. And of course the best way to de-bloat is by drinking lots of water! Try infused water for added benefits. Cut up your favorite fruits and add them into your water pitcher or bottle & drink away.

Along with these try avoiding salty foods and minimizing carbohydrate intake just the day before your major event.

Make up can do great things. Make-up done the right way can hide flaws and accentuate your best features. But you don't really need to be a make-up master or  need to know all about make-up techniques or have all the possible products available in the market to get it right. You just need to know some basics which most of us are already good at.

1. Always moisturize your face before applying any make-up.

2. Make sure you use the right foundation for your skin.

Here is a helpful video I found by Michelle Phan. In this video she helps you in knowing your skin tone. This will help you in picking up the right foundation shade.

Just test out the shade you want to buy along your jawline, not on wrist. The right shade will disappear into your skin as you blend.

3. Try a primer. A primer seals in all the products you put on skin and also helps everything to glide on smoothly.

When to apply a primer & why?

Right after you moisturize & before you put on your foundation, apply primer. There are also primers available which reduce the redness on the face and even out complexion. Primer also helps all the other products glide on very easily.





4. Blush helps bring a healthy glow to your face while accentuating your cheek bones. Like foundation, choosing a right color for your skin tone is important. However peach shade blushes look great on medium to dark skin tones. If you are fair then soft pink or coral would be perfect.

Just look into the mirror & smile to bring out the apple of your cheeks & just apply a gentle amount on both sides & blend.

5. Use mascara to open up your eyes & don't forget your eyeliner.

6. Last but important use a finishing powder & blend everything together. They come in different types compact and loose powders.

Here is a make-up tutorial by Youtuber, Mr.Jovitageorge for Indian skin-tone. Check out how she uses her products. Remember you don't need the exact products. Use what you can get where you live to achieve this look.

Those were my tips on making the special event extra special. I am in noway an expert guys, but these are the tips I have personally tried & found helpful. So here I am, sharing. Hope you guys find them helpful & if you guys have any awesome tips & ideas please leave them below in the comments box.

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  1. Sushma I can't thank yo enough for this very informational post. I have saved some of the tips and will try them out starting with the banana and honey mask tonight. Have a great week darling.

    1. Thank you darling! I love all natural masks & the masks I mentioned have worked great for me :) Hope you like them too. Let me know how it goes


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