Wear high heels without pain / Wedge heels trend

Wow! That is what the king of the 'heels-world' has to say! Although his statement sounds classy & is great to post on Tumblr & Instagram, I would always choose a pair of shoes that are also comfortable to wear along with being stylish. And somehow I am never comfortable in a pair of heels. And by heels I mean stilettos, cone heals, platform heels, pumps etc. It's like, for me the opposite of a comfortable pair of shoes is, a pair of heels! Don't get me wrong here. I love high heels... they are great...to look at. It's not that I haven't tried them. I have worn my fair share of heels for those events & parties where I can't walk in with a pair of flats (although I give a second thought).

Talking about heels.. I have met 2 types of heel wearing people in my life.

A. People who can go through any amount of pain to wear a pair of heels. They will complain, crib & cry about it, but will not give up wearing them. And when you ask them why do they have to put their feet through hell, they always reply, ''what do you mean why? Can't you see how fancy I look?'' or "Can't you see how great they make my body (butt) look?''. 

B. People who are so effortlessly good at walking in heels. It's like their second nature or.. as if they have been walking in heels from the very first step they took! These people can not only walk but run, jog, drive, jump in heels!

If you are type A then, Good job there friend! Keep going!! & if you are type B then, What the hell are you doing here? You are a hero..go do your hero things in your heels... :p

There is also a Type C who often think,

Because it is not easy & might require a lot of skill & technique!
Yes, I am type C! And for those sisters who are this type, I have something for you all today. 
Being a short girl myself, when I encounter occasions where I can't avoid wearing heels, 'Wedge heels' come to my rescue. Yes, wedge heels are the best alternative for heels. They are very comfortable yet very stylish & add in those few extra inches I need. They are also heels but a different type! 

Although kitten heels & cone heels are not as cruel as stilettos & high heels,  I personally think they can be a little unflattering sometimes for my body type & don't go with all outfits. So, I wear them occasionally.

Wedge Heels
Work, party or beach, wedge heels will definitely make your life easier.

Wedge heels are also high heels that add the extra height without causing much pain. I can't promise that you can run a marathon in them but you can comfortably get through a day at work or any event in them. As they are available in many colors & models & you can always find a pair that suits your requirement! Wedge heels are considered equally high fashion as normal heels. The best places to find great deals on wedges are Charlotte Russe, Forever21, Aldo,Steve MaddenAnd follow these links if you are from India, Forever21, Myntra & Jabong for some great deals.

Here is one of my favorite pairs I love to rock from BCBG

So, if all other heels scare you, wedge heels are great & do the job. Go on & try this stylish & comfortable style if you haven't already. Do you guys like wedge heels? or are you a pro high heel walker? Please share your comments & tips in the comments below!

Thank you so much for stopping by beautiful. Have a fantastic day :)

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