Be a Neon Bride- Wedding Colors

Neons have been an on and off trend for the past few years. They sure did rule western fashion for quite a while & still do so. Indian fashion hasn't shied away from it either.  Neons are being used to add a fresh and modern vibe to a very desi outfit. Bridal attire too has been incorporating neons now. While red, maroon, pink and green have always been the prominent colors, the now generation brides are not scared to experiment with different colors. It's nice to think out of the box, no? You don't have to go all out & be drenched in neon but you can sure add accents of it to brighten up your attire.  Incorporating neon accents into your wedding attire, make-up or decor will not only brighten up your look but will also bring a fresh & youthful vibe.

Here are the main neon shades. From here you can go a shade darker or lighter to match your theme and taste.

Do you like the idea of bringing the neon vibe into your wedding? Here are three awesome ways you can do that like a boss ;)

Alert: Too much usage of the word 'NEON' ;p

Be a true neon bride by choosing an outfit in any of these shades. If you don't want to go too overboard & still want to keep your tradition alive while looking different, try pairing neon with a traditional color. Let one piece of your ensemble be from the neon family and keep the rest traditional & match everything together so that it all blends in perfectly.

You can also choose a variety of neon borders to go with your outfit. This will add a subtle hint without being too bright if you are worried about that.

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I already see this trend in a lot of weddings, specially desi. Desi weddings are all about bright colors. So neons fit the palette perfectly. By adding neon drapes, chairs or decorative accents will instantly brighten up your venue.


Adding neon lighting will totally add to the bling you need at the wedding. Go over the details with your event planner and show pictures of your inspiration to help better understand this concept.

Now, make-up is the easiest way to add these bright neons into your wedding. Shades of neon orange lipsticks look gorgeous on Indian skin tones & will definitely a perfect color for a bride.

You can also use hints of neon shades with glitter for your eye make-up. It will make your eyes pop and it will look great in photos under the wedding lighting. Pink with glittery golden yellow will  be perfect but make sure you match it with your out fit.

So, those were 3 ways I thought would be easiest to have neons at a wedding. Neon wedding is not a bad idea huh? What do you think? Have you already tried and tested this style? Please do let me know in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed reading the post!

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