3 easy and awesome DIYs you must try!

DIY- Do it yourself

DIY projects are the now generation's creative outlets. From facebook to instagram to pinterest, DIYs are extremely popular. Gather the supplies, follow the easy steps shown & put your creative mind to work & voila!! you have created something amazing! Although not all DIYs turn out like we would want them to, but they are still fun and help us take a break from our fast lives.

I love scrolling down my Pinterest feed and finding all the cool DIYs. I personally love DIYs which solve a problem rather than just for decor. I have many on my list that I have yet to try. The ones that are on top of my list are the ones I want to share with you all today. They are simple, don't cost a lot of money & solve a problem. So, let's get started!

The best way to have your home smell amazing is by lighting up some scented candles. They not only add that great scent but are also elegant decorative pieces. But what do you do when the jar of candle you bought comes to an end? Find an easy and intersting DIY project to upscale the empty jars! Don't we all buy brush holders, pen holders or make-up storage boxes? Candle jars can just fulfill all those purposes and you can avoid spending money on buying different storage options for you knick knacks, toiletries or make -up.

Watch the video below to learn to create this yourself! 

Video by Ann lee

This is one chic way of upgrading and keeping the mess away on the counters. I am some one who hates having too many things on the counter. Specially if you have very little counter space and cabinets, this DIY will solve the storage problem. This project has been on my list for a long time now. It's a very useful project!

This one requires some tools and skills but nothing major. It's still easy to do & a perfect holiday project. Here check out the video by DIY playbook and learn how to make this work!

My absolute favorite one! Making your own bath bomb!!! Now how fun is that?! Yes of course you can always buy them instead of going through this whole process of creating one. But I just love the idea that you can personalize it to your taste and get as creative as you can! This is also an amazing gift idea. Although it has a couple of steps involved, it doesn't look hard to achieve. see it for yourself..

Check out the video below to create this awesome project by Anneorshine.

Over the years I have had my share of hits and flops of DIYs. But overall I find them very exciting and immediately click on a post if it says DIY ;) What do you guys think of these projects? Have you tried any of these already? Please let me know in the comments below! I would love read your thoughts on this! I am planning to try these myself very soon. I will definitely share my experience and pictures soon.

Than you so much for your time gorgeous! Have an awesome day!!

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