10 funny but true things that happen in an Indian wedding

1. Your parents introduce you to a number of family members & relatives. You have no clue about who they are but you have to smile & greet them as though you have known them your whole life!

2. Random aunties asking you questions like... haaye...kitni patli/moti/kaali ho gayi hain?(why have you become so thin/fat/dark etc) or baal katadiye?? kyon? (cut you hair? why?)
You are standing there like 'why?? why me???'

 3. Bride's emotional mother getting teary eyed looking at her daughter in the dulhan ka joda (bridal attire)

 4. Jealous uncle bragging about his daughter's wedding and about how it was better.

5. Matchmaking aunties taking up the duty of bombarding single girls with questions like... Shaadi nahi karni tujhe?? (don't you wanna get married?) Ghar main rishtey nahi dhoondre tere liye?(aren't your parents looking for matches for you?)  Kitne saal ki hogayi hain? (how old are you now?).

Don't forget to practice your poker face well before!

6. A pretty girl who put in a lot of effort to look the best, complementing another pretty girl who just walked in.

There is always the unspoken & the obvious who is the 'best dressed & the hottest war' amongst the girls!

7. There are always those loved ones & family members who make sure the wedding rocks & have the time of their life dancing! Everyone is busy channeling their inner Shakira & Beyonce!

It is always nice to have family & friends who are so happy for you & truly celebrate your celebration with joy & you can count on them for the last moment wedding help!

8. And then there is the bride trying to move an inch at a time in her jewelry & clothes weighing twice as much as her.

9. Everyone is secretly waiting for the ceremony to end so that they can enjoy the wide spread of food!!

Indian food is yummy & specially when it's wedding food, no one wants to wait! Don't you agree? ;p

10. Aunties be judging the bride like...

Everybody treats the bride special on her wedding day. But, there are always those few aunties who wonder how the bride is better than their own daughters & why the groom chose her over their daughters. 

And of course, at the end of the day everyone is happy for the happily married couple!!

Indian weddings are all about love, fun, family & celebration. I hope you enjoyed my funny take on a few things that happen in a desi wedding.

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