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Shaadi/Wedding day is the most important day in any bride's world. Walking down the aisle, looking like a princess and finding everything perfect and in it's place just like how you imagined, would be every bride's wish undoubtedly. As India modernizes in many ways, so are our weddings. There is a modern twist to the Desi wedding. I see a lot of beautiful traditional weddings with a modern approach come to life. An Indian wedding is not just a celebration of the union of the bride & groom but also the union of two extended families. An Indian wedding is a magnificent celebration of love, happiness, family & joy!

Keeping all that in mind, I have come up with a wedding theme & named it, ' A Dainty, Dreamy Shaadi '. If you are planning a modern Indian wedding for any family member or it's you who is getting married, I have a few tips & ideas I would love to share with you. 


A Dainty, Dreamy Wedding

 The color palette for this theme comprises of pastel shades of pink & mint.

Your Wedding attire:

With shades of pink & mint in your palette make sure you choose a bright color from the pallete for your outfit. Pick a shade lighter from yours for your groom to match with yours. Pick the right jewlry, make-up & shoes before hand to fit the theme.

 Also, if you are a south Indian pick a beautiful Kanjivaram Pink saree.

The back-drop:

Remember the cute picture Kim kardashian posted on her Instagram of the flower wall Kanye sent her on Mothers day & also the back drop of their wedding?

Floral decoration is a defenite part in a traditional wedding anyway. So might as well make it modern. Have the mandap beautifully decorated with the choice of flowers & colors which form a beautiful backdrop for amazing pictures.

Or just like Kim, have a flower wall for a gorgeous photoshoot after the ceremony with your family & bridemaids.

Promote your theme:

In Indian weddings, not just the bride & groom but their siblings, uncles, aunts & grandparents also play an important role. That means there will be a lot of group pictures. And that means it's important that they all look color co-ordinated and fit in the theme of the wedding for perfect pictures.

Well, send all your immediate & extended family a picture of the color palette of your theme and kindly request them to dress to fit in your theme. You can even put a picture of your palette in your invitation card under the dress code.

Believe me, doesn't matter whether the wedding is of one's immediate family member or extended family member, Indian women want to wear new clothes. So, by sending them a color palette you are actually helping them & saving their time while shopping.

 Hire a good photographer:

All the effort will go in vain if you fail to capture the ceremony beautifully. Having a photographer who can capture your dream wedding just like you dreamt of is extremely important. Go through the sites of wedding photographers & meet the ones you like, personally. Share with them how you want your pictures & video to look like. Even show them some sample pictures of what you want, to give them a clear idea.

Photo by Ranganath Photography 

This is just a sample theme I came up with for fun. Hope you liked it. No matter what your theme is & how you want to celebrate your wedding day, always remember that it is the most importsant day of your life & don't let anyone or anything ruin your moment. Don't stress & enjoy the process. :)
Thank you so much for you time lovelies. Hope you liked reading this. Please, comment below & share any Ideas & tips you all have.
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